Today was awesome. I got to do this septum on Kenna with a Maria Tash titanium clicker anodized rosey-gold earlier. Came out so awesome!


I covered my cat in flowers


Go Marching In

New Orleans is a hell of a town. With eerie clouds rolling in, this historic residential building shines and crackles in colors of all shades. View 

Love all these colors together


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omg thank you hahahaha <3


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Blue lace agate druzy set in 9 mm
So sugary 

Got to do the cutest lil’ septum today on @gsevvv using jewelry from ANATOMETAL.  Her nostril was pierced by @tobiasxva a few years ago too! (at Comes A Time Tattoo)


Daisy, banished to Bad Girl Island.

Our most recent ANATOMETAL order isn’t lasting very long!  I was happy to use this dainty cluster in this new daith piercing today! (at Comes A Time Tattoo)

Sup kitz

Hooked @mfitt13 with some fancy plugs by @industrialstrength while she hangs out at a 6g for a while before she continues her stretching journey. #healthylobes #happylobes (at Comes A Time Tattoo)

Healed helix and fresh 2nd and 3rd earlobe piercings, all jewelry by Neometal.  I didn’t do her first earlobe piercings, but they obviously deserved some turquoise too! (at Comes A Time Tattoo)


jenkristoff makes the funny faces in our snapchats

All the time