Fresh rook piercing with rose-y gold jewelry by Neometal, anodized in-house! (at Comes A Time Tattoo)

This healed industrial piercing I did last year got a blinggy upgrade today thanks to Anatometal and Industrial Strength! (at Comes A Time Tattoo)

The second hiding spot I found today

Mental. Health.

Reluctant dog selfie


Got a few new 14g threaded gold ends in today! These would love to find homes, and I’ll be here until 8 tonight ☺

Anonymous asked:
7, 10, 104 109

7.  My best friend
Tom, or my cat Thomas.  Either Tom.

10.  How tall am I
5’8”…everyone else in my family is at least 6 feet tall so I’m not sure how I ended up shorter than everyone else.

104.  Been overweight?
Nope…I’ve pretty much been this same weight since I stopped growing.

109.  Been outside my home country?
I went to Mexico for a day trip when I was 10, and spent a week in Montreal with a good friend when I was 19.  I want to go back to Montreal again!


Stoked to have the opportunity to do another triple helix today! All jewelry by Neometal. (at Comes A Time Tattoo)


2 1/2” Spectralite Teardrops for a local baller!

Playing Donky Kong Country on Super Nintendo with tobiasxva at the shop, and it’s pretty much the best thing ever.

Ended the night with a bunch of turquoise!  Jewelry by Neometal. (at Comes A Time Tattoo)