Healed flat piercing I did a while back got a nice BVLA upgrade today! (at Comes A Time Tattoo)

Here’s a healed set of nipple piercings I did a while back, we anodized some titanium barbells a nice rosey-gold color for her today.  And thanks to tobiasxva for teaching me how to take not-terrible pictures indoors! Finally!



All the gold @saintsabrinas

Can not wait until the day that I’ll have the kind of gold stock in my studio that Saint Sabrina’s has!

Feeling a little too adult-like these past couple days…piggy-buns are the obvious solution.


Beautiful glass jewelry from Gorilla Glass.
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This movie definitely makes me feel as awkward as middle school


Busy Monday! I just got to put this BVLA pink topaz and white sapphire cherry blossom in a healed nostril piercing I did at the beginning of this year. 

Thanks for looking :)


@weaverpiercer mentioned it and I created it. I like to think we make a good team. #nostrils #ringsarentalwaysbad #thatsfuckinteamwork

Got to snap a picture of this piercing a did a couple months ago with a black opal by ANATOMETAL…glad to see it’s healing great! (at Comes A Time Tattoo)

Which would you wear in a daith piercing?

In love with my new rose gold lotus plugs from Tawapa!! Now to get more gold for my ears… (at Comes A Time Tattoo)